• Project Name :Smart Solar Camera
  • Integration with :Camera, Wifi, Application
  • Benefit for company :Companies can offer solutions to the government for security purpose. They have their own application which they can offer to can customer.
  • Time Limit :1 - 2 month
  • One Prototype Price :90k - 5L INR
  • One Product Price :20k - 80k
  • Profit Earn:Depends on company who own it.

Smart Solar Camera

Such CCTV camera generally used at public places where it record video. This camera can be control by an application for dahsboard. When it find something movable, or light get turn on, it turn itself into the active mode rather than sleep mode. It save data to the server or app automatically, or when somene set time to record it. One can also use it to the solar street light. This can be a best product for solar-consumer company to step ahead.

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