• Project Name :Solar - IoT Smart Street Light
  • Integration with :CCTV, Wifi, Application, Charge contrller, Sensor
  • Benefit for company :This produt will surely rule the coming solar market.
  • Time Limit :2 - 3 month
  • One Prototype Price :90k - 5L INR
  • One Product Price :25k - 50k
  • Profit Earn:Depends on company who own it.

Solar - IoT Smart Street Light

This is most common as in the form od solar street light but can be in highest demand in coming next 5 year as an Smart Street Light with Wifi and camera. This is usually a government project, where we can save electricity in large amount. Companies, who are working on some government project can offer this solution as well. This street light store energy in the battery and can only glow light when their is a passer by passes under the light. This light can communicate with each other using Lora or Zigbee. All the power data will store on the server which capture by camera. It also offer public wifi.

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