• Project Name :Smart Inverter
  • Integration with :Inverter, Wifi, Application
  • Benefit for company :This product is for those, who sell only inverter. This product give feature to your existing product.
  • Time Limit :2 - 3 month
  • One Prototype Price :90k - 5L INR
  • One Product Price :40k - 80k
  • Profit Earn:Depends on company who own it.

Smart Inverter

Smart inverter are generally taking their way high in the feild of inverter. This can be a solar as well as non solar smart inverter. At the time of power cut, it send notification about the backup power left for how many hour. Which load have to be switched off to maximise the power backup. In the journey of IoT everything is getting smarter even an inverter. This can also sound a great solution for corporate.

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