We design effecient buck-boost or charge controller circuit for solar.


We design PCB layout and also manufacture through-hole for bulk order.

Application &

We design Application and dashoboard for automation and advance product.


We deliver tested result to our client with fully functioned Prototype.

Our Top Product

We can design customize solution as well. These product are top product of solar industry. Respected companies can get designed their by us with addition of brand new feature to it.

Energy Management

A mobile application where you get notification about today's power storage, backup power left, solar panel angle, etc.

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Smart Irrigation

Automated valve with sensor embed. An application which govern the farm-land and givel notification about humidity, water level, etc.

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Smart Solar Street LIght

This smart street light offer public wifi, automatic lightning, and also have camera to it with a remote management system.

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Smart Inverter

Smart inverter can be a solar as well as non-solar. It is connected to the wifi, which give message about backup power left.

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Solar IoT CCTV

It can record the video/image and send to server. It power by solar panel which attach to it. This CCTV is connected to wifi as well.

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Solar Power Bank

Companies who wants to get in mmanufacturing domian, it is the best product to start with. Solar power bank store energy generatedfrom solar.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to make solar portable. Renewable energy is the richest form of energy which soon going to be in demand of market by every being. Our aim is to embed solar technology in all possible application with advance feature embed in it.

We not only aim to add solar to the electrical or electronic devices, but also make it portable. Have you ever imagined, what will up with roof top solar plant if house owner wants to shift the house at some other place.

Here lies the key, portability of solar plant

Expert Team member

Our team member are specialised with designing of product for high voltages. They are experienced and dedicated.

Full Services

From idea, to product design and testing by our R&D team, we provide full service to our client.

Low Costing

Our cost are nominal as comparision to market price. The cost which you pay is just prototype cost which is one-time payment.

On time Finished

It generally take 15 - 40 days for normal project to get it designed. We use Project tracking application to keep clients update about product.

Important FAQ

No, we design customize solar solution for the companies who wants to launch new product. The product which added aew the top product of solar industry which we offer to the companies.

Yes, for some components, which support through hole packaging, we do manufacture in bulk with the tested working PCB.

No, these are not final prices. These are approximate prices. Once, we understood all the feature you want to embed, we will send you a detailed quotation.

No, we only make solar product.

Just drop a message at quotation page, fill the form. We will contact you within 72 hour.

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