• Project Name :Energy Management System
  • Integration with :Multiple Sensor, Wifi, Application, Charge contrller
  • Benefit for company :Companies have their own application which they can offer to can customer. This product add value to the business and easily help them to stand diffrent from the line
  • Time Limit :2 - 3 month
  • One Prototype Price :70k - 5L INR
  • One Product Price :5k - 10k
  • Profit Earn:Depends on company who own it.

Solar Energy Management System

A system, where you can know, how much power will going to store according to the weather, what should be the angle of the panel, when to clean the solar panel and you can visualize the data on screen. If the power will going to store low as compare to usual days, it shows which equipment have to shut down today to not to suffer with power cut problem via an inverter. It connect with your inverter, smart meter and other heavy load appliances. If you are selling a solar plant to the corporate in large number, you can offer this solution as a feature to your product. This project increase your product value and can easily help you to compete with the competitor

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