Pioneering an ERP transformation in the Indian marble sector, our goal was to craft a user-friendly experience through innovative API integration. By seamlessly blending mobile and web applications, we ensured a smooth journey from quarry management to distribution, utilizing advanced APIs for an intuitive ERP system that optimizes processes and enhances overall user experience.


Integration of Meta API for Whatsapp: This API posed a novel challenge, demanding extensive research. Overcoming this hurdle required collaborative development efforts, continuous learning, and rigorous testing for seamless ERP communication.

User Experience: Creating an intuitive and user-friendly interface for both the mobile app and web platform was a challenge. Extensive user testing and feedback loops were crucial to refining the design and navigation.

Implementing country-wise filters: This posed a challenge, requiring meticulous attention. Overcoming this complexity involved strategic planning and iterative development to ensure accurate and effective filtration within the ERP system.


The team took a step-by-step approach to solve the challenges they faced. Extensive research was conducted to understand user needs and expectations. A comprehensive plan was formulated to incorporate all essential features, so that we could formulate better User Experience. Addressing the challenge posed by the WhatsApp API, our team conducted in-depth research. Collaborative development efforts, continuous learning, and rigorous testing led to a successful integration, ensuring seamless communication within the ERP system. Tackling the country-wise filter challenge, we adopted a methodical approach with meticulous planning and iterative development. This solution enhanced the ERP system, ensuring precise filtration for heightened accuracy and effectiveness.


We successfully developed our marble industry ERP project, we smoothly blended a user-friendly mobile app and web app. Overcoming challenges in setup, growth, and ease of use, we crafted a strong, efficient solution for both Android and iOS platforms.


This case study provides insight into the intricate development of a versatile marble industry ERP, underscoring the significance of conquering challenges. The successful crafting of our ERP solution showcases the critical involvement of expertise, careful planning, and continuous enhancement, promising a user-friendly experience

Technology Used

Mobile App Framework: Flutter

Admin Panel Framework: Laravel

Database: Mysql

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