• Project Name :Solar - IoT Smart Irrigation System
  • Integration with :Multiple Sensor, Wifi, Application, Charge contrller, Automatic valve
  • Benefit for company :Companies have their own application which they can offer to their customer. They have smart irrigation valve which govern whole farming land. This product add value to the agricultural business and easily help them to stand diffrent from the line
  • Time Limit :2 - 3 month
  • One Prototype Price :70k - 5L INR
  • One Product Price :25k - 30k
  • Profit Earn:Depends on company who own it.

Solar - IoT Smart Irrigation System

If your company is selling solar product in agricultural feild, than the respected company can get designed their own application or dashboard, which govern the whole farming land. Farmer can look in the application that on which place, how much liter of water should be given to grow a crop and to give proper humidity and moisture. It also control the solar panel installed in the farming land. It automatically start irrigation valve with a press of button. All the power need for the same will transfer via a solar panel. Respected company can offer their customize app or dashboard to the their customer.

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